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Hi, I am Mikaelah Cordeo, a co-founder of the new Mount Shasta Authors Guild sponsored by Mount Shasta Rising. This summer’s energies have been pretty intense! Here in Mount Shasta clearing our core issues is the name of the game.

We find that using the Ho’o Ponopono prayer works wondrously for all those relationships that are offering so many surprising challenges. Here is our new version “I’m Sorry. Please Forgive me. I Love You. Thank You. I Bless You. and I Release it.”
(The last two lines are new but powerful

Spirit is guiding me to do a bit of traveling this summer, so I’m using the opportunity to connect and re-connect with lightworkers on my journey as part of the Buddha’s Oneness Initiative. I’m part of a team that is working on bringing a number of the spiritual groups beyond their perceived differences across boundaries and a return to Oneness.

We are especially focused on those who are connected to the teachings of the Ascended Masters and the Angels. To Read More… click here


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Mount Shasta Spirit Rising is a non-profit collective, highlighting the work of Mt Shasta’s spiritual and ascension teachers, authors, artists and musicians.  Visitors to Mt Shasta can join us for a broad spectrum of spiritual activities, such as full moon meditations, channeling groups, book signings and other author events, workshops and classes, art shows, and musical performances, and meet and learn from these advanced, experienced spiritual teachers. 

Visit our Mt. Shasta store in person or on-line. Get a sense of Mt Shasta’s rich spiritual culture through the video interviews from Treasures of Mt Shasta and Aday in Telos.

Learn more about our co-created, 5th dimensional organization, products, and services.

We welcome interest in membership from those spiritually advanced teachers who would like to share in our collective vision.

Call: 530-918-9516 or email: mtshastarising@gmail.com to arrange a convenient time.

We will be hosting and listing  a series of meditations, classes, spiritual music events, channeling, full moon celebrations and more from our members. Check our calendar of events for details.

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