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Blessed Ones,

I greet you in the name of the Christ. I am Mikaelah Cordeo, channel for Mother-Father God and the Ascended Hosts of Light. Blessings to you all. Our organization is in the midst of transformation as are we all. During this time of transition, I will be offering you some insights on personal and planetary changes and some links to meaningful activities and opportunities.

At this time I would like to share with you an understanding given to me recently by Lord Sunanda (oversoul to the more familiar Lord Sananda –  not a misspelling).

There has been a new program initiated on Earth to assist all Life to release and clear their deepest core issues, traumas and dramas. This will take about 2-3 months and will accomplish what might otherwise take up to 200  years. We have agreed to this on the inner planes.

What is happening is like an inner plane giant whirlwind or tornado which is reaching in and tearing out these deep seated issues. You might have noticed a lot of “stuff” coming up daily. This is the cause. Personally, I am experiencing a lot of old issues coming to my attention every morning as I wake up. Whenever they come to your attention, use the tools you already have to clear, cleanse and heal. My preferences are:

  • Violet Flame (either decrees or calling in the light to transmute all negativity)
  • Ho’o Ponopono (I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, I Love You, Thank You, I release.)
  • Present time wand (a fifth dimensional etheric wand which releases energy stuck in the past  (past life stuff, traumas, emotionally charged moments) and allows it to be cleared and brought into present time. It allows you to be in present time.
  • 8th dimensional Aquamarine wand to clear, cleanse and heal.
  • Archangel Michael to bind and remove any unwanted entities and send to their own right place for transformation and healing.
  • A golden sun to fill up any space that has been cleared.

We’ve even noticed a lot of wind every day for weeks.  Remember it’s intense but temporary.

I’ve recently begun adding (Almost daily) messages on my personal blog. If you would like to read one, check them out or sign up, here is a sample and a link. (Click the blue title)

As Heaven awakens on Earth

Message from Supreme Mother

As Heaven awakens on Earth, all the pain and suffering that has gone before shall dissolve and be reabsorbed into the Voidal Darkness – never more to be repeated. Let it be a time of joy, however brief. Give thanks for each and every encounter and each and every lesson and each and every blessing.

Let today mark a turning point for you as a way shower for planet Earth. This time of letting go of the old ways is only painful if there is a struggle and clinging. Allow yourself to joyfully release the past – all seeming mistakes, traumas and dramas. Give thanks and let them go. Walk into the greater Light this day with JOY! And Thanksgiving, with Celebration and Divine Knowing that all Proceeds exactly according to plan.

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